Types of Carpet: Lees Carpet Bedford, PA

Lees Carpet Bedford, PA

A Look into Lees Carpet!

So you’ve decided carpet is the floor for you. Now it’s time to talk about the other factors and types of carpet like color, style and texture. Just like with most household items, you go for certain brands over others, so we at Bedford Carpet One want to give you a look into one of our most popular brands of carpet, Lees! The Lees name has been synonymous with quality carpet for a long time. From having our Titanium warranty on the life of the floor (including pet stains) to using the best fibers and techniques, it’s no wonder Lees has been around as long as it has. But, it is also a brand that is ever evolving to appeal to the modern customer.

The newest segment of Lees, Lees Studio 1846, is a fashion forward and contemporary line of carpet that is perfect for the trendy and modern household. It is not only designed in a beautiful way, it also has wonderful protective abilities.

Check out some of the designs here.

Come in to our showroom today to see our Lees display and view and feel the product in person! Bedford Carpet One in Bedford, PA is proud to serve customers throughout  Bedford, PA and Cumberland, MD.